Community programs


One of the main challenges of environmental governance is closing the gap between research and praxis. EGI works closely with communities to identify their needs and develop innovative, sustainable solutions. We:

  • Carry out situation analysis in the program areas to inform project conception, development and implementation
  • Support communities to develop and adopt sustainable environmental practices and prevent environmental degradation and unsustainable exploitation of natural resources.
  • Improve the livelihoods of communities by engaging in environmental peace-building initiatives

Currently, we are supporting bee-keeping and agro-forestry projects in Manyu Division in Southwestern Cameroon.


Extensive commercial logging that has been carried out in Manyu division is wrecking havoc to the region’s rich biodiversity and destroying communities’ livelihoods. In other parts of the Southwest region, shrinking agricultural productivity has resulted in poor farming practices like slash-and-burn.

EGI supports the most affected villages to replant high value indigenous trees for use and ecosystem restoration. The trees include multi-purpose trees for fruits, food, firewood, poles and shade purposes, oranges, nuts, medicinal plants, avocado.

School environmental clubs too are involved in this venture; they participate in establishing tree nurseries in their schools and learn from the demonstration sites.


We are working with households in villages around the Takamanda National Park to start up and manage bee-keeping project. This is part of a wider program that aims to over-reliance on forest products. We train the bee-keepers and provide them with beehives and other honey harvesting equipment.

Bee-keeping training is usually combined with awareness creation on endangered species, as well as the importance of maintaining trees and forests for better honey production.

Conservation education

Hunting has always been a part of the lives of communities in Manyu. However, the increased commercialization of wildlife over the decades could lead to extinction of valuable species if it is not halted. EGI’s contribution is through awareness and information about protected species and conservation laws.

With our work, we hope to change people’s attitudes towards hunting and the bush meat trade. Conservation activities do not stand alone, but are done hand in hand with promotion of alternative sources of subsistence and income. Put together these strategies will significantly reduce pressure on the species and its habitat.


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