EGI Trains Civil Society Organisations in the Southwest Region on how to Monitor Environmental Assessments


In December 2015, 20 CSOs (including 4 local Councils: Nguti, Tiko, Muyuka and Limbe III) met in Kumba to attend a training workshop on how to monitor Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and the implementation of Environmental and Social Management Plans (ESMP).

ESIA Training 1The training, which was conducted by Prof. Dieudonne Bitondo of the Camerooon Association for Environmental Assessments (ACAMEE) focused on the role that CSOs should play and the different measures that CSOs can take when ESIAs are undertaken. Additionally, the training focused on how CSOs can monitor the implementation of ESMPs of businesses and industries; and of infrastructure development projects.

Throughout the training on ESIA/ESMP, the idea of forming a coalition of CSOs that will work together to monitor the environmental performance of the private sector was discussed. The last day of the training was dedicated entirely to outlining the kind of activities that the coalition could engage in. A coalition named The Business and Industries Monitor (BIM) was launched on the last day of the training, with EGI as focal point. It was resolved that EGI, ReachOut, Afircaphonie and People Earthwise would take the results of the brainstorming exercises and consolidate them into a work plan for the coalition for the 2016 implementation year.

It is equally worthy of mention that EGI joint sister-CSO FORUDEF to kick-start the Southwest Climate Change Coalition. EGI was a member of the small team that was charged with hatching out an activity plan for the coalition.


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