Participatory Well-being Assessment for the Tiko Cooperative (TAOPFCOOP-BOD)


On 17 February 2017, EGI’s (Environmental Governance Institute)Staff met with the Tiko Oil Palm smallholders(TAOPFCOOP-BOD) in Tiko for a participatory well-being assessment.

The main objective of this assessment is to provide technical support to the TAOPFCOOP-BOD and BAMOFACOOP-BOD to enhance their credibility. More specifically, it is to:
– Analyze the material and technical needs of the Tiko Cooperative
– Rank these needs and determine where and how EGI can assist the cooperative
– Discuss other possible means of intervention with the cooperative during the year.
The meeting was organized by the Executive Director of EGI , John Takang, and all EGI’s Technical Staff.DSC04431DSC04429DSC04422DSC04433DSC04432