Learning from others – Community officer visits bee farm


This week, our Community and Gender Officer, Ruth Mobia visited Bonakanda-Bova Bee farmers Common Initiative Group (BOBEEGAG) in Buea to exchange ideas on bee farming in the region.

The visit was a learning expedition that will be of benefit to the beekeeping project in Nkhogo and the Ajayukndip villages in Manyu. Mr. John Ikome, a caretaker of the CIG was on hand to show her the establishment that has been in existence for almost two decades.

He explained the challenges that the CIG faced in the early years, such as attacks by lizards and pests and how they addressed these challenges. “We moved the apiary into a different location so that the bees would not be accessible to the lizards,” he explained. The Community and Gender Officer of EGI was especially curious about how the bees are fed during the rainy season, when it becomes difficult for the workers to go out in search of food. Ikome demonstrated to her a prototype feeder, designed by the Delegate of the group, Mr. Samuel Mbake Lyonga to give honey to the bees.

The group produces honey twice a year and processes other products such as beeswax, honey wine and propolis. Mobia left feeling satisfied with her visit, and already made steps to continue engaging with the CIG. Another visit is planned during the weekend, and she will be attending the beekeepers training scheduled at the beginning of March.