Green Heart of Africa (GHoA) – Civil Society Support Project


Since 2014 the Environmental Governance Institute (EGI) is in a partnership with WWF-Cameroon Country Programme Office (WWF-CCPO) to implement the SIDA-funded Green Heart of Africa (GHoA) Civil Society Support Project. The first phase of the project will be implemented for three years from 2014-2016.

Through this partnership, EGI will be supported to engage more effectively in policy dialogues and influencing private sector decision-making and practices related to natural resource management, and to engage with policy makers to improve the general environment for civil society organizations to influence policy and decision making in the natural resources sector.

Even more importantly, WWF’s support will enable EGI to empower communities to meaningfully engage with both public and private authorities as a means to exerting their rights and making decisions involving natural resource management in their communities, so that they can benefit equitably from these resources.

The expected ultimate impact is that peoples in programme areas are effectively controlling decisions and receiving full benefits from natural resources and exercising their responsibility for ensuring that key ecosystems and habitats are managed in a sustainable manner.