Building the capacity of teachers to manage environmental clubs in public schools


Location: Buea, Fako division, Mamfe, Akwaya & Eyumojock subdivisions, Manyu division, Southwest region

Duration: July 2013 – December 2017

Through Eco-clubs, EGI aims to educate students and communities on environmental protection and sustainable development, influence their attitudes and behavior towards the environment and promote innovative, homegrown solutions.

Young people must acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to foster sustainable development early and nurture them to be part of their daily practice.Members of Eco-clubs are typically between the ages of 10 and 16. They conceive and implement activities in their communities such as recycling, tree and vegetable planting, clean-up exercises and awareness campaigns.

Some of the activities we carry out are

  1. Organize  training workshops for eco-club coordinators
  2. Development  and printing of a teacher’s guide for effective management of clubs
  3. Development and printing of IEC materials
  4. Support teachers and students to organize the commemoration of environmental days
  5. Help in coordination of public awareness campaigns by the environmental clubs