Baseline Survey of Businesses Operating in the Coastal Forest Landscape of Cameroon


In recent years, natural resource exploitation and development initiatives in the coastal region of Cameroon have increased significantly, with very little effort made to protect the environment. This is also a huge task for policy makers to strengthen their policies regarding land use patterns and environmental degradation.

The coastal forest landscape in Cameroon is situated in three (03) regions namely; South West Region, South Region, And Littoral Region. With rich biodiversity, rich soils and natural resources, these areas make it suitable for investors to set-up projects such as agro-industrial plants, cement factories, mining extraction companies, just to name a few.

Within the framework of the cooperation of the implementation of the SIDA-funded Civil Society Support Project “Green Heat of Africa (GHoA) Cameroon, Civil Society 2014-2016, EGI aims to engage more effectively with private sector to influence   decision-making and practices regarding the management of natural resources.

Specifically, EGI is called upon within the meaning of the partnership with WWF-CCPO to stimulate and enhance environmentally-friendly business and industry development (B&I). It is in this regard that EGI is conducting a baseline study of businesses and industries that are operating in the Coastal Forest Landscape.